Bringing back the Blog

I have always had a fascination with blogging, despite the rapid phenomenon of vlogging and podcasts over the last couple of years. To me, blogging still holds a purpose in this ever-changing technological information age that we are all immersed in on a daily basis. I still get a little rush from writing down something of importance that I hope will have a little impact on those who read it. I started blogging about computers and technology way back in the late 90s as a hobby. However, thanks to my dad’s passion for photography, I developed an interest in it as well and picked up a camera around the same time. It wasn’t until the late 2000s that I really got into photography. However, in such a life, things get in the way and you become distracted, and I stopped blogging for a long time. Now, with over a decade of experience in the photography industry and having photographed sporting events at the elite level, I feel more confident and experienced with what I have to say.

Since I began my photography career, a lot has changed, from how new technologies have made photographers’ lives easier, if not more expensive, to unexpected old relics of technology resurfacing thanks primarily to Generation Z, which has influenced Millennials like myself to give film photography a new lease on life, to important projects I am working on, to how photography associations and clubs are not all rose-tinted glasses, to the emergence of artificial intelligence, which could pose a direct threat to the photography industry, etc. I will also include a behind-the-scenes look at some of the sporting events I will photograph in the near future, as well as assignment work with clients. I will attempt to post on a monthly basis, but of course, this blog is not intended to change the world or to serve as a primary source for breaking photography news. This will be a little blog about my honest and experienced opinions on the photography world and all things connected to it.

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